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Exciting New Developments for the Digital Signing Service

At this point in 2020 we can safely say that business as we knew it has changed forever. Yet for every new challenge, there is a bright side. Sure, there are no spontaneous meetings in the office break room, but there is a new kind of connectedness and efficiency that we are experiencing by doing nearly all of our work online. We may have lost our valuable podcast listening (or thinking) time during our morning commute, but instead we can spend more time with our loved ones, go for a walk or run, or just have some extra time in the day to take a breather. 

From this perspective, we can look at the ability to sign documents digitally as an opportunity. An opportunity to speed up a workflow that used to take up more time than necessary (gathering and printing documents, getting the documents to the right people and back, all while needing to trust it was really them who signed it, or spend the time getting it notarized). An opportunity to implement security for documents and processes where there might not have been any before – like with invoicing. And, an opportunity to fast-track our corporate digital transformation efforts, so we are more prepared for the future and better equipped to comply with any imminent regulations or legislative requirements. 

For these reasons, we’re not at all surprised our Digital Signing Service (DSS) has grown leaps and bounds this year. In fact, this year alone we’ve issued over 13 million signatures using DSS. 

DSS provides a highly scalable, cloud-based digital certificates to deploy digital signatures on any platform. Offering signer identity validation, content integrity, trusted timestamps, non-repudiation – without the need to manage any physical hardware or build any custom integrations.

This week, we’ve announced that DSS is becoming more powerful than ever. Utilizing our new Atlas platform allows organizations to benefit from high volume long-lived, trusted digital signing at any time. 

What’s New in DSS?

Already the industry’s leading digital signing solution, DSS is now benefiting from its connection to Atlas, GlobalSign’s next-generation cloud certificate management engine that was released in May of 2020. Atlas’s higher availability, higher throughput abilities allow for a more efficient and robust push to accomplishing digitalization. Expanded automation and lifecycle management capabilities as well as an upgraded user interface (the Atlas portal) will benefit IT and security administrators who are grappling with the reality of managing an exponential increase in endpoints across newly distributed enterprises. Now, organizations can more easily issue and manage massive volumes of certificates, ideal for a world where innovation and speed are critical.

Whether your goal is digitalization of documents or a quicker digital document signing experience, Atlas is there to help get it done in a more seamless, scalable end-to-end purchasing experience.

We are also excited to release our brand new DSS Resource Hub, created specifically for developers and technical administrators to get access to valuable tools and resources, including:

  • API documentation
  • SDKs
  • Technical and onboarding guides
  • Case studies
  • Data sheets
  • Latest DSS announcements
  • Blogs
  • Informational videos

With the Resource Hub, you’ll find all of the content you are searching for during your research phase in one place – ensuring your technical experts and administrators can get right to the important work, implementing a solution for digital signing in your organization. 

Free Up More Time for Your Most Important Projects

Looking to the future, the chance of returning to “normal” office hours seems smaller and smaller as the realities of the world unfold. This means paper workflows are becoming digitalized exponentially. We are in a situation where it’s imperative to prepare for whatever’s next by taking action however we can. By making the right strategic moves now, you can free up time to do more of what will move the needle as we continue into an uncertain second half of 2020 and beyond. 

Visit our website to learn more about DSS, now powered by Atlas. To request access to the DSS Resource Hub, contact our Sales team today.